Radiant Frosted Core Mirror

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The Frosted Backlit Mirror — Change what you look for in a bathroom backlit mirror

It’s the first fixture you see when you enter a restroom, and the last thing you use before you leave. We take mirrors for granted, depending on them to show us ourselves as the world sees us. Architects and interior designers employ them strategically to add space to a room.

Yet despite their value to function and style, mirrors often receive much less attention from designers than the rest of the room. Think of how often you’ve seen them treated as an afterthought; flush-mount glass just cemented to the wall above the sink.

The Radiant Edge Mirror from S2design will change how you look at bathroom backlit mirrors. Our designers believe that providing a mirror isn’t just about the image we see when we look into it, but the image it projects even when we’re not looking at ourselves.

Our Radiant Edge Mirror is elegantly simple, with a clean design that blends with all the decor around it. A seamless, unrimmed sheet of flawless reflective glass floats near a wall, suspended on a halo of soft, indirect light. That light comes from LED lamps available in your choice of 3K (warm) or 5K (cool) light, or the color temperature of your choice, directed through diffusers to spread their glow evenly around the glass.

The bathroom backlit mirror acts not as a light fixture in itself, but as a source of illumination that complements the other lighting in the room; a functional feature that serves as both a design element and sleek architectural highlight.

In fact, customers have noted that the clean, modern look of the Radiant Edge Mirror makes it as valuable a design asset outside the restroom as it is a useful fixture inside. You can provide a mirror anywhere you like, along with the sophisticated glow of indirect lighting. Imagine brightening and enlarging a dim hallway with elegant, functional decor that visitors can use and appreciate each time they walk by.

Quality construction, timeless beauty

Choose the size of your mirror that suits your design needs and fits your space. Our standard dimensions include 18 x 24, 30 or 36; or 24 x 36, or you can even specify the width and height you need.

The ¼-inch glass with its smoothly polished edges seems to defy gravity, an illusion made possible by an unseen panel body of 22 gauge, type 304 stainless steel. Within the panel is a constant-volt driver that converts 110 volts into 12, coming through your choice of a standard wall plug or hardwiring for new or completely hidden installations. The circuitry maintains the LEDs’ output so the mirror is surrounded by unwavering radiance.

The all-American construction of our Radiant Edge Mirror provides a one-year guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials and a two-year guarantee against mirror age. And because the warranties are dependent on proper installation, we provide comprehensive instructions and suggestions for making the mirror a captivating, long-lasting feature of any room.

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