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Stainless Steel P-Trap Cover


This custom P-Trap Cover is a low cost option to provide a unique alternative to
the PVC shield.  Easy installation. ADA compliant that works for most jobs.
Flame & Smoke resistant. No seams.
Comes in natural stainless steel finish or powder coated.
Coordinate p-trap finish to closely
match component and mirror finishes.


Made by Americans in the USA with a 1 year guarantee against defects in workmanship
or materials. Improper installation and/or cleaning voids the

Product Specifications

22 gauge, 304 Satin Stainless Steel

Available Options

  • P-Trap-Stainless Steel-___(Std=Standard or ADA)-__(IF=Inner Flange or OF=Outer Flange)
  • P-Trap-Powder Coated-___(Std=Standard or ADA)-__(IF=Inner Flange or OF=Outer Flange)

P Trap Models

  • Custom powder coated finishes
  • Standard or ADA design
  • Exterior or Interior mounting flanges
  • Clear Trim Edge Protector, Top & Bottom. *On Satin Stainless Steel finish only


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