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Radiant Frosted Edge Mirror


Wood Frame Mirror

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Radiant Frosted Back-Lit Mirror


Sophisticated design, 2 inch depth with no visible screws. UL
listed plug that can be cut for direct wire to junction box. Features forward-facing frosted inset lighting on two sides or four sides with soft light emitting from the frosted strips.


Made by Americans in the USA with a 1 year guarantee against defects in workmanship or
materials. Improper installation and/or cleaning voids the warranty. 2 year guarantee
against mirror age.

Product Specifications

– 1/4” (6mm) mirror

– Frosted inset strips

– Polished edges

– 22 gauge, type 304 Stainless Steel

– wall mounted panel body

– LED strip lights inset in base

– 12-volt constant volt driver (IP20)

– Input voltage 110V 60Hz

– Output voltage 12V DC

Available Options

– Frosted two edges or Frosted four edges

– Other light color (K)

– Standard US Plug or Hard Wired

Mirror Models

– RFE-1824-2E or 4E-3K warm light or 5K cool light

– RFE-1830-2E or 4E-3K warm light or 5K cool light

– RFE-1836-2E or 4E-3K warm light or 5K cool light

– RFE-2436-2E or 4E-3K warm light or 5K cool light

– RFE-____-2E or 4E-3K or 5K (specify width & height)

– Import option available for large quantity orders


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