Hospitality bathroom vanities: an elegant solution that fits anywhere

hospitality bathroom vanities
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When S2 Design helps you create a bathroom space, we specialize in seeing — and helping you see — the finished project before we even move beyond two dimensions. We help you create a complete concept that integrates perfectly, looks beautiful and accomplishes everything you hope it will.

But what happens when you don’t have the time, or the budget, to plan every detail in advance? We can help with that, too.

Our hospitality bathroom vanities start with design

Here was the puzzle: How do we create a vanity that will look at home in, and will feel like part of, a space it wasn’t designed for? Any space. How can we ensure that you can add a vanity to a room and not have people suspect … that you added a vanity to the room?

The first step was obvious, for us. Every S2 design starts with the expectation that we’ll use components of the highest quality. So we started by designing around the same kinds of materials, fixtures and finishes you’ll find on any of our custom and built-in pieces. Will you and your guests understand that we did? Maybe. But you would certainly notice if we didn’t.

Next, we spent some time imagining all the spaces where customers would place hospitality bathroom vanities. We paid attention to decorating styles — current styles, styles not so current, and timeless trends — and created choices for each. None of our ideas were going to be style statements on their own. They’re not supposed to be. Instead, the vanity you choose will complement and blend with the existing design of the space where you place it. But that doesn’t mean any of the designs are bland or generic. They’re simply versatile: simple and versatile. And if one design doesn’t work for you in your space, another will.

Finally, we gave the vanities different sizes so you’re certain to find one that looks just right in place — even if that place wasn’t designed around a vanity.

Things included, things you choose

After you page through our line of six hospitality bathroom vanities and select the design that fits your needs, you still have some choices to make. Each features a counter made of easy-care solid surface material, supported from below by a solid steel frame. And while the configuration of the frames differs, you can select the finish for that frame from a nearly endless palette of powder coat colors. (One vanity, the delightfully retro “Uncle Louie,” also features a laminated cabinet, and Louie lets you customize that, too.)

One thing you don’t have to choose is an option for ADA compliance. Every one of the six models meets the standards for accessibility set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

But then it’s time for another choice: Select from our line of elegant mirrors to complete your installation. Choose from mirrors with designer frames — wide, thin-line, rounded corners; wood or stainless steel, available in custom finishes to match our hospitality bathroom vanities. Or choose from mirrors with no frames at all, including options for backlighting set into flush, frosted panels.

And you can select from several size options, so you can match the mirror perfectly to the vanity you choose and the space where you’ll have them installed.

What one of our hospitality bathroom vanities does

All of our vanities are engineered to be elegantly simple, usable in any location you choose. Durable finishes and materials mean they can be used as long as you need them, and look good year after year. And in each model we carefully blended aesthetics with adaptability so you can match a design with your existing space, as if that vanity is exactly what you had in mind for that spot all along.

Those are all the pluses for you. But if you’re shopping our hospitality bathroom vanities for a unit to be used by guests, there’s one other benefit: Guests will notice.

Was the vanity not part of your original design? They won’t notice that. They’ll notice how good it looks and how well it fits your space. They’ll notice the quality of the vanity unit you chose and the usable elegance of the mirror you put above it. They’ll notice how pleasurable it

is using the vanity … right where it is. And they’ll appreciate that you care enough about all those things, and about them, to pay them special attention. 

Those are pretty rich results from such simple designs.

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