Our stainless steel paper towel dispenser is just right.

stainless steel paper towel dispenser
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Have you noticed that a paper towel holder in a public restroom often looks like an afterthought? It’s as if the designers had signed off on the job, the construction crew had everything in place, the finish work and clean up was nearly done, and somebody said, “Wait … What about paper towels?”

It seems that way because many paper towel holders look alike: a rectangular box mounted to a wall near the sink. A slot at the bottom where you grab a towel. A little keyhole in the top middle for service. And often — too often — rust-stained paint. Even if the contractor invested in a stainless steel paper towel holder to avoid the rust, the basic look is the same: boring, tacked-on, square.

Of course, that design is an example of “form follows function.” The shape is determined by the kinds of towels they use: towels that come in tall stacks, accordion-folded so when you pull one out, the next one appears. (Sometimes a lot more than the next one. Or sometimes they’re packed so tightly you can’t get even one out of the slot.)

It’s a very old system. It works most of the time. And basing the form on the function makes for a very dull design. No matter how much time and money you invested in the overall concept of the restroom around it, that towel holder sticks out simply because it doesn’t blend in.
So when we started sketching the design for our stainless steel paper towel dispenser, it was with the commitment that a paper towel holder doesn’t have to look like an afterthought.

6 reasons why our stainless steel paper towel dispenser is right for your restroom

  1. Let’s start with the obvious: It’s stainless steel — #20 gauge stainless steel. No matter how humid the environment is around it, no matter how many times it gets splashed by hands reaching for towels, no matter how often it gets cleaned, our stainless steel paper towel dispenser offers the superior corrosion resistance of 304 grade stainless. That means you simply won’t ever see rust.
  2. Of course, just because a stainless steel paper towel holder won’t rust doesn’t mean it always looks good. You’ve noticed that the shiny finish on some of them is also prone to fingerprints. And with lots of hands touching them every day, that’s a lot of fingerprints. So we give our design a satin finish. It doesn’t show fingerprints or water spots to nearly the same degree as those polished-finish boxes.
  3. We decided the old accordion fold towels are too wasteful (when they all fall out) or too much trouble (when they won’t come out at all). So we chose roll-style towels. With no weight bearing down on them from above, even when the holder is full, towels are easy to pull, and the rolls are perforated so only one towel comes off at a time.
  4. Using roll towels meant we could do some form-following-function of our own. If the towels weren’t in a block, then the holder didn’t need to be a box. That allowed us to create a graceful, uninterrupted curve of satin-finish steel around the roll.
  5. But function still counts, and no matter how beautiful it may be, you want a stainless steel paper towel holder to be easy to service throughout the day. On the back right side is the keyhole. Unlock the unit and the entire curved housing swings out of the way for easy checking or filling.
  6. And last, we actually used hygiene as a design element. A rectangular dispenser with a slot and a full load of towels above it means you might have to reach up into the box to free up the towel you need to use. We’ve all had to do it, touching towels that other people will be using after us, and probably touching towels that other people touched before us. The unique design of the fitting on the bottom of our stainless steel paper towel dispenser guarantees that your towel — and only your towel — is easy to grip when you’re ready for it. Take it and, if you need another, it’s there, too. You’ll be the only person who touches your towel, just like the people before you and after.

Why aren’t all stainless steel paper towel holders this good-looking?

If you’re like us, you look at the design of our towel holder and think, well, of course. That makes sense. The fact is, paper towel holders don’t have to be blocky and dull. But unless the person designing the restroom space specifies something particular to their concept, such as an alcove in the wall that holds both towels and a trash receptacle, the choice of a towel holder may be an afterthought.

The advantage of our stainless steel paper towel dispenser is that, even though it’s not a custom or built-in design, we started conceiving it as if it is; with a design orientation rather than just utility. That allowed us to create a holder that’s even more efficient and hygienic than the old version, but elegant and unique enough to fit any decor so well that it looks like part of the concept. And its simplicity of use, combined with the durable, satin-finish exterior, means it will blend perfectly into your restroom space, and be looking just as great as it works for many years to come.

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